Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Authors are required to read the following guidelines carefully and follow them in letter and spirit. This will help your manuscript’s publication as quick as possible. The Journal deserves the right to repudiate a paper that is not in line with these instructions. Also, if a manuscript is not consistent with the scholarly aims and objectives of the journal, it may be rejected without being sent out for further review.

 General Rubric for Text

 This will comprise of the following points:

Bias- free language

Avoid all linguistic biases, in particular chauvinism, in your manuscript. Do not use all-inclusive but cumbersome and unwieldy formulations like “he or she” but make your subject plural like “they or their”. Similarly, always use the word “people” instead of the word “men”. And do not refer to Abdullah Yusuf Ali as “Ali” or Banu Qudsia as “Banu”. Also, do not write as if the holders of a specific occupations are a particular gender (as an instance, solicitor= male, nurse= female).

Style to be adopted

The article must adopt Turabian 9th edition style of citation.

Components of Research Article

The article should comprise of following components/headings:

1. Article title

2. Abstract

3. Introduction

4. Methods/Mthodology

5. Discussion

6. Results/ Findings

7. References

Preparation of Manuscript

By preparing your work, as mentioned here, will help in expediting the process of review and will eventually lead to its publication. The submission file should be in Open Office, Microsoft Word, or RTF document file format. All narrative in your manuscript should be double-spaced, which encompasses all text related to abstract, foot-notes, block quotations, and references. Articles must be written in MS Office format using Times New Roman font bearing font size 12 for the content and 10 for footnotes. Please note that each page should be numbered and articles’ length should be between 5,000 to 8,000 words.

Main Document

Upload the main document containing abstract, key words, text, figure, graphs and table as it will make the job of the reviewers easier and undemanding.

Title Page

It is mandatory to upload a title page, too. A title page should include: title of the paper, author (s) names and affiliations, full address including email addresses and total word count. The names of the author (s) should be written rightly under the title with an asterisked footnote highlighting the present position of the contributor (s) with their affiliations and email addresses. Specify the name of corresponding author for further correspondence purpose.


An abstract should contain 200-250 words only and author (s) should spell-check all files before they are submitted. A brief, concise, accurate and factual abstract is required. The abstract should articulate briefly the purpose of the research, data set, methodology, results, concrete conclusions and usefulness and scope of the study.

Key Words

Right after the abstract, provide 4-10 keywords specific to the research paper/manuscript.

 Language and Length of Manuscript

All articles submitted to the journal should be in English and Urdu. It is incumbent on the author (s) to rigorously check their manuscripts in order to avoid grammatical, typographical and syntax errors. The length of the research article should be between 6000 to 10000 words.