Qur’anic Aesthetic Theory

A Road-map for Entrepreneurs

  • Dr. Muhammad Arif Alvi Assistant Professor, Islamabad College for Boys, G.6/3, Islamabad.


Aesthetics, now, is not just a matter of enjoyment by Nature or art but its implication is gradually expanding. Now it has permeated in every sphere of human life. From architecture to serve the food, in each and every thing aesthetics is taken care. The main reason for this is that man is naturally inclined towards aesthetics.

The success of a business depends on the attraction of its customers, which can be greatly enhanced by the use of aesthetics in business. Using aesthetics principles and associated dynamics in manufacturing the products not only gives them considerable value but also makes them more special for consumers by fascinating their aesthetic taste.

 Quran guides its followers towards balanced aesthetic principles. By adopting these principles in making of products, any entrepreneur or industrialist can attract customers to products even can build his good reputation in market by producing quality products.

This article will help entrepreneurs and industrialists to start as well as improve and expand their business in a good way. It may help governments to boost their revenue by increasing business activities and make the state economically prosper and emergent.

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