About the Journal

International Bulletin of Theology and Civilization (IBTC) is a quarterly, bilingual (English and Urdu) peer-reviewed and an open access international scholarly journal of fine fame. Belief and civilization are inextricably linked; they are impossible to be disentangled or separated. In the contemporary world, owing to globalization and postmodernism, traditional purity and naturalness of creed and civilization is vanishing at a rapid pace; hence pushing humanity towards spiritual void and nothingness. In this backdrop, the journal focuses the entire range of theological and cultural problems and research. It particularly welcomes research projects on Quranic and Sunnah Studies reflecting civilization and culture. Similarly, it prefers those research works which deals with the issues evolved by Western Modernism and their solutions in the light of Islamic belief system, asceticism and spiritualism. Moreover, it also welcomes research papers on topics like religious texts, philosophy of religions, philosophical ethics, metaphysics, individual and collective norms and canons, role of religion in society, interfaith dialogue, interfaith harmony i.e. Western philosophy which is in line with or in conflict with Islamic thought, civilization and philosophy and those influencing the Muslim world in the main. It fervently invites the original scholars and researchers to send their esteemed research articles that have not been hitherto been submitted to any other journal.